Diana Gimenez-Figueroa is an artist currently working in Madrid, Spain. She has lived in Argentina, USA, Chile and  Portugal with her family. In her work, she combines abstraction and realistic representation in a way that intertwines the idea of disconnection in apparently normal life, with the notion of volatile perhaps deceptive messages that flow unexpectedly around us, as well as that of different levels of reality.  Her artistic practice includes painting in mixed techniques, watercolour, printmaking in various techniques. She has experience in ceramics too. Her drive derives in a way from post-modernistic sources with a tinge of formalism. 


October 2016Zaragoza, España, "Postales desde el Limbo"
May 2016San Sebastian, España, “Donostiartean III, International Art Fair of Contemporary Art, with Galeria Gaudí, at the Kursaal, San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa)
2015 and 2016–MAdrid, España, "Little Crowds" and the following year, “Cuadros Súbitos” ["Sudden Show"], Teatro lagrada, individual de pintura y grabado.
2014Paris (France) " Bonjour Paris", painting collective show. . "Artes" art gallery.
2014Napoli, Italy, "Venti per Venti, Bianco e Nero" , Mostra di pittura - Linea d'Arte, Napoli (Italy) Paintings.
2012 - 2013Madrid, España, Artist books Fair“Masquelibros”, at the Escuelas Pías de San Fernando. With Art workshop Monodelatinta.
2010 and 2013Italy. Biennale del Libro d'Artista, exhibit at the Castel dell'Ovo, Naples.
2005 - 2013Madrid, Spain. International Fair ESTAMPA of Prints and serial works. With MAES art gallery and Arte Privado art gallery.
1994-1998Madrid, España. Specialty in Etching and Printmaking at the School of Fine Arts of the Universidad Complutense in Madrid.
1985Transferred with family to Madrid and then to Lisbon (Portugal). Interval in her artistic activity.
1982Santiago de Chile. First solo show at the Instituto de Cultura Hispanica.
1975Santiago de Chile. Continued training witn artist Gustavo Poblete.
1966Married and established iin Chile with her husband.
1960Trained at the French painter Jean Josse's atelier in Buenos Airese, where she was born.
1950Lived as a child in Wasington DC with her family.

I had a  training with French and Chilean artists in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.  My first solo exhibition was at the Instituto de Cultura Hispánica, in Santiago de Chile. After changing countries, I resumed my artistic activity  in Madrid where I had the opportunity to do the specialty of Printmaking at the School of Fine Arts of the Universidad Complutense,  Madrid. In Spain and abroad,  I participated in various collective shows at several galleries and fairs, and had some solo exhibitions of prints and paintings, also in on-line galleries like www.picassomio.com  and Artagora.